‘The Fall’ Series Three – Five Things We Learned From Its Irish TV Premiere

The Belfast-set cat-and-mouse TV thriller about a serial killer and his pursuer is back with a vengeance – but only for viewers in Ireland, so far. The Fall returns for its third series in the UK on Thursday, September 29, but lucky RTÉ viewers were able to watch it early on Sunday, and their reactions have got us excited. No spoilers, but here’s what we can expect from the first episode of series three.

1. The acting is still brilliant

Plenty of people on Twitter are commending Jamie Dornan for his performance as the inscrutable psychotherapist/killer Paul Spector and Gillian Anderson for hers as DSI Stella Gibson. No surprise, really, but still good nothing’s changed.

2. It’s darker

In the past two series, Spector has committed brutal murders and kidnappings, with surprisingly dark moments coming from his victims’ attempts to persuade him to free them. Spector has also stirred up unrest between various communities and families. Is series three going to plumb further depths?

3. There’s a new victim

Spector’s victims all share certain attributes: they have dark hair, big eyes, and – most offensive to this misogynistic serial killer – they’re young professionals, usually with better jobs than him. Spector begins series three having just been shot, and as he’s in hospital, some viewers think his brunette nurse might be his next victim – should he manage to escape police custody sometime this series.

4. The accents are still the best

This Irish viewer wanted to hear the word ‘situation’ said in a Northern Irish accent. They do say it well, to be fair.

5. The writing is top-notch

At the end of episode one, Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson gives a speech on consent that has resonated on social media, and that’s probably partially thanks to creator and writer Alan Cubitt.