The Fans Strike Back – Bloc Party’s User-Generated Video

The more corporate side of the music industry is full of buzzword business-guff right now about “engaging fans” via Twitter, video blogging etc.

When this is done wrong you end up with an act like Frankmusik, whose Myspace looks more like a digital marketing brainstorm than a music site.

But occasionally the user-generated approach feels like a genuine way of enhancing reciprocity between a band and its followers, rather than a shallow gimmick.

Bloc Party’s new video is a case in point. It’s made up entirely of camera-phone footage shot by fans at the group’s London Olympia shows last month. The track itself is a Villains remix of ‘Ares’, taken from Bloc Party’s ‘Intimacy Remixed’ album, which came out on 11 May.

Although it’s not exactly a new idea. The Beastie Boys did it years ago for their fan-shot 2006 tour DVD ‘Awesome, I ‘Fuckin’ Shot That!: