The Field – The More That I Do (Foals remix) – Free MP3

After a weekend having my ear canals violated every which way by the likes of Sleep and Fuck Buttons at ATP I’ve discovered the perfect antidote. ‘Yesterday And Today’, the second album from Sweden’s The Field, is an hour of lullaby krautronica ideal for caressing abused ears. A digital trip through ambient, drone and shoegaze, it’s been gently pulsating and washing over me like water in a shallow stream all day.

The Field

Its six tracks, which average out at around ten minutes each, were recorded in Stockholm and Berlin and exemplify what we’ve come to associate with each city. There’s a pinch of the motorik, a wisp of the ethereal, a combination of Teutonic rhythm and Scandinavian whimsy.

Capitalising and building on everything that was great about ‘Here We Go Sublime’ they’re the most soothing – but also six of the most rewarding – tracks you’ll hear this year. Purchase on its release next Monday (via Kompakt) highly recommended. Try out ‘The More That I Do’ on Hypemachine if you’re not convinced.

This remix by Foals remains relatively true to the original, but gives it a bit of oomph with a thumping dance beat.

Download the Foals remix of The More That I Do here
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