The First Teaser For Harry Potter Spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ Has No Fantastic Beasts In It

A whispered “lumos maxima” opens the teaser for the next film in the Harry Potter franchise – and we’re back in the JK Rowling’s world.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, released November 2016, stars Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, a magical zoologist who penned the academic book of the same name which all Potter-era Hogwarts students must study. If you’re into your Potter trivia, you might find it interesting that Scamander’s grandson Rolf married magi-weirdo Luna Lovegood, who had twin sons named Lorcan and Lysander. Then again, you might not.

Unlike the first eight Harry Potter films, which are set in the UK of the 1990s, this one’s set in 1920s New York and has Scamander struggling to defend himself from the magical congress of the USA after he releases a number of dangerous magical creatures from a magically expanded briefcase. There are also wider societal issues explored in J.K. Rowling’s script – in the US of this era there are apparently societal tensions between wizards and the ‘No-Maj’ community, which Scamander’s mistake aggravates – but there’s not a lot of that to be seen in the trailer. Nor is there a single glimpse of any fantastic beasts. But there’s plenty to mull over – here’s how it pans out.


A lady’s at the Magical Congress of the United States Of America. “Yesterday a wizard entered New York with a case,” she says.

“A case full of magical creatures,” continues the same voice. The woman in the below photo seems to be in charge of Congress proceedings. Note the differences in the American flag behind her. And her perfect curls, obviously.

Nice period shot of 1920s New York City, here.

“And unfortunately some have escaped,” continues our speaker. That looks like our briefcase.

And the below looks like some of the havoc the beasts have been wreaking. Wrecking ball-y.

Here’s one of two shots of Redmayne, opening the case and hearing a growl from within its expanded insides.


“It was open?” says a woman who sounds quite like the first speaker – the one addressing Congress. “Just a smidge”, he replies.

Here’s the last shot – the only bit of action in the trailer, featuring what looks like some powerful magic from Redmayne. Plus a bumbling sidekick carrying his case.

That’s your lot, folks! But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more before the film is released next November. Watch the whole trailer below.


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