The Five Most Cringe-Tastic Moments From The Beatles’ ‘Eight Days A Week’ Premiere

Last night (September 15), director Ron Howard’s excellent film about The Beatles premiered in London’s Leicester Square, and was simultaneously shown at cinemas around the country. Before The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years actually kicked off, there was an hour’s worth of pre-amble showing stars arriving on the blue carpet and Edith Bowman and John Bishop interviewing a handful of them. And it was a minefield of cringey moments.

Ringo and Paul’s weird double high five
There were no warm embraces between Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, just a supremely quirky double high five. Still pushing boundaries.

John Bishop trying to suck up to Olivia Harrison’s godson
George Harrison’s wife Olivia had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by comedian John Bishop, who seems like he was only hired because he’s from Liverpool. She took her godson up on stage with her, perhaps as a very cunning shield to take Bishop’s attention away from her. He fell right into her trap and concluded the interview by telling the kid he’d won the hearts of the nation. For literally just standing still and doing absolutely fuck all.


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John Bishop interviewing Ringo, Paul and Ron Howard
Just before the film finally kicked off, cinema-goers the world over were treated to the sight of Bishop interviewing Paul, Ringo and director Ron Howard. “Hello Frank,” Paul said to a bemused Bishop while Ringo burst into laughter. The host nervously laughed along, clearly with no idea what the joke was. Awkward. As. Fuck.

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When they ran out of top quality interviewees while waiting for the remaining Beatles to show
Often regarded as the greatest band the world has ever known, you’d think there’d be stars queuing round the block eager to share their memories and experiences of The Beatles. While Madonna and Liam Gallagher both showed up to the premiere, neither spoke, so Edith Bowman was left interviewing Dr. Kitty Oliver, an author and journalist from Florida who’d seen the band perform in Jacksonville. While it was interesting to hear her memories of their refusal to play to a segregated audience back when that was very much a thing in the States, it wasn’t quite the star-studded affair you’d expect.

The fact that John Bishop didn’t seem like he’d watched the film at all
While interviewing Paul and Ringo, Bishop kept referring to having seen the film, but then asked the pair what it was like to be an overnight success. You’d think being from Liverpool he’d know The Beatles story anyway, or at least have learned about it while previewing the film, but apparently not. Paul duly informed him the band were no such thing and put in a lot of hard work. It’s almost exactly the same thing Paul says in the film in a voiceover.