The five most savage disses in Stormzy’s Wiley takedown ‘Disappointed’

2020's biggest rap beef sees Stormzy lay into the grime godfather

Welcome to the most exciting homegrown rap beef of 2020. On the Wiley-baiting ‘Disappointed’, Stormzy attempts to assassinate the godfather of grime over the instrumental for Headie One’s ‘Know Better’. On it he doesn’t just go for Wiley’s jugular, but also his half-brother, Cadell, who he’s previously clashed with.

Here are the track’s most brutal bars.

“Don’t mention J ’cause you ain’t no Jigga


Hushing Wiley and what he sees as his entitled nature, Stormzy brings up Wiley’s comment about him rejecting Jay Z on ‘Take Me Back to London’. Stormzy shuts him down simply by comparing the two; one a global megastar and the other, well, not.

“Your dad watched your bro get g-checked / Bitch boy ting, whole fam full of rejects”

Stormzy’s early tracks like ‘Scary’ and ‘One Take Freestyle’ made it clear that Stormzy had beef with fellow rapper Cadell – Wiley’s half-brother. The feud was still brewing in 2017 when Stormzy was a surprise act at Wiley’s gig at the Roundhouse. When the two locked eyes, Stormzy confronted (“g-checked”) Cadell.



“Go and back your bro before you suck my dick”

Surely any older brother would protect their siblings, but when it comes to Wiley, that’s not always the case. The Stormzy/Cadell feud had been brewing for roughly two years before they came face-to-face at Wiley’s gig. Ever since Cadell said “Stormzy ain’t better than me” in his ‘Hotline’ diss back in 2015, the two had been sending tracks back and forth – this is Stormzy calling out Wiley for not backing his bro since the start.

Like, crack man sold but the coke goes quicker / You crackhead cunt, don’t know no killers

Following the same path as Wiley diss tracks Durrty Goodz’ Cokey The Snowman’ and Devlin’s ‘Extra Extra, Stormzy alleges that instead of selling all of his cocaine supply when he was a dealer, he kept some back for himself.


See when I slap your face, you best fight back / Heavy Is The Head out now, so go buy that”

Ever the professional, as well as coming for Wiley, here Stormzy slips in some promo real quick and gives his latest album a plug. Flawless.

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