The Funniest (And Most Insightful) ‘Honest Trailers’

Even the most awesome films have something we can take the piss out of. What’s up with the incest in ‘Star Wars’? And yeah, why didn’t the eagles just drop the hobbits off at Mount Doom? There’s no need to be that guy and ruin it for the rest of us though. Unless you’re Honest Trailers of course…

Equipped with the savviest of movie minds and the most epic voice ever (sorry X Factor guy) Honest Trailers has been churning out snort-in-your-slushy film commentaries since 2012.

The latest, a ‘pootato’-tastic parody of The Martian, is as brilliantly candid as ever. But there’s a whole list of hilarious entries you might not have seen. We’ve rounded up the best so you don’t have to.

“It’s kind of like a history test, but with dragons… and boobs”

Sure, Game of Thrones might be full of disturbing imagery like attempted child murder and beheadings, but we still love it. It’s got kick-ass fight scenes, demon-babies, the best theme song in ever and… HODOR. Nice guy hobbit Sam Gamgee even pops up if you believe the voiceover guy.

“Where all African animals talk like they’re British”

Next up is ultimate Disney classic The Lion King. If you’re super attached to Simba and the gang then maybe skip this, it’ll ruin it for you.

Re-imagined Honest Trailers-style, The Lion King becomes a kids movie “filled with domestic abuse, a child raised by a same-sex couple and the most dramatic death of a parent since Bambi’s mum got shot in the face.” A bit different to how you remember it then?

“The movie adaptation for people too lazy to read”

Finally whipping out an overblown faux-British accent (the guy’s got talent), Honest Trailers now turns its attention to the biggest movie franchise of all time.

Yes, it’s Harry Potter versus “an evil noseless freak” if you didn’t know. But don’t forget the boy wizard’s “totally useless friend” Ron Weasley and his “superior in every single way lady friend” Hermione Granger. Wait a second, they might be onto something there…

“An 11 hour New Zealand Tourism commercial”

Nope, not even Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy can escape the wrath of the Internet. Here goes…

Essentially a long afternoon walk with a few scary monsters thrown in, Lord of the Rings is (as Honest Trailers helpfully point out) solely about a small ring of metal “that does absolutely nothing except turn you into an invisible crack addict.” Nice.

“The super-secret MI6 agent who everyone know by his first name”

Suit up for a two-and-a-half hour bare knuckle thrill-ride that’s riddled with inconsistencies…? No thanks Honest Trailers, we’ll just ignore any major Skyfall fails thank you very much. But we will have your laughs.

Surely the highest grossing and most critically acclaimed 007 entry can’t be ridiculed for “an ending so goofy they ripped it off from Home Alone? Can it?