The Gallows Humour Of Bored And Angry Adele Fans Enduring The #adeletickets Fiasco

At 9am this morning Adele lovers cyber-queued for fanclub tickets to her 12 UK dates in 2016 and were left waiting for hours – even after the prized tickets had sold out. Fans took to social media to vent their frustration at the countdown timer, which for many fans would time out every 40 seconds and start all over again. The result? #adeletickets, a trending topic that mined just about every Adele meme out there. Here are its best bits, from before the sales started to the bitter, bitter end.

The initial rush was as ruthless as the start of The Hunger Games:

Then the frustration began:

Those who got lucky were impossibly smug:

So the frustration continued:

Between them, these 15 people collectively spent almost 2 days in the queue together:

Well done everyone. You tried.