The Game-Changers Of Generation Nomad – Introducing Connie Constance

Meet 10 young game-changers who are united by the same mindset: it’s your path, you can create it. They are singers, songwriters, artists and presenters; graphic designers, rappers, fashion designers and gig promoters. You haven’t heard of them yet, but you will. They are the future. Next up is Watford singer/songwriter Connie Constance.

AGE: 21
FROM: Shadwell, via Watford.
IS: Singer and songwriter.
HER STORY: Connie was studying dance when she realised her heart was actually in making music and writing lyrics based on poems she’d been composing since she was a kid. “I was able to express myself better that way,” she says of the jam sessions she started with mates as a teenager. “I felt good when I did it and wanted to do it more.” Early tracks like ‘Stars’ had their roots in electronica, but right now Connie’s working on material that plugs into her love of British legends The Jam and The Libertines, as well as the jazz of Charles Mingus, which she used to write free-form lyrics over. “I could listen to them for days,” she says. “It’s just my vibe.”


WHY SHE’S INSPIRING: A rebel with a cause, Connie had singing lessons during her time studying musical theatre, but fought against the traditional training. “I wanted that jazzy huskiness in my voice and they wanted to get rid of it,” she says with a chuckle. “It didn’t go down very well with me.” You can hear more of her distinct, personality-packed voice on her ‘Bad Habits’ EP, which is set for release later this year and boldly boasts Connie’s mission statement: “I want people to connect and feel free, and like they’re not alone in the world.”
HER FUTURE IS: “Adventure.”
MORE: @itsconniesworld