The Game-Changers Of Generation Nomad – Introducing Jade Delecia

Meet 10 young game-changers who are united by the same mindset: it’s your path, you can create it. They are singers, songwriters, artists and presenters; graphic designers, rappers, fashion designers and gig promoters. You haven’t heard of them yet, but you will. They are the future. Here’s pencil portrait artist Jade Delecia.

AGE: 23
FROM: Reading.
IS: Pencil portrait artist.
HER STORY: Two years ago, Jade packed in her waitressing job and focused on the thing that had made her happy since she was a kid – drawing. She got word out on Twitter about her classically inspired sketches, in particular a hip-hop collage featuring rap icons from Tupac and Jay Z to Eazy-E and Eminem. “People responded really well to it,” she says. “It caused a bit of debate online too, as people started arguing about who deserved to be included!” She’s currently getting stuck into a piece that pays tribute to black civil rights activists.


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WHY SHE’S INSPIRING: Jade’s confidence is just as inspirational as her talent. “I absolutely hated that job,” she says of her time waiting tables. “I thought, ‘I can either carry on doing this and be unhappy the rest of my life, or I can just try my hardest to focus on drawing and see what might happen.’” Working with just pencil and paper, her fondness for thinking outside the box has led to some of her most interesting pieces,
lampooning David Cameron’s fiscal policies one minute and supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement with Martin Luther King Jr’s face transposed onto a clenched fist the next.
HER FUTURE IS: “Yet to be drawn.”
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