The Game-Changers Of Generation Nomad – Introducing Reese Cooper

Meet 10 young game-changers who are united by the same mindset: it’s your path, you can create it. They are singers, songwriters, artists and presenters; graphic designers, rappers, fashion designers and gig promoters. You haven’t heard of them yet, but you will. They are the future. Last, but not least, is young fashion rebel Reese Cooper.

AGE: 18
FROM: Hammersmith, via Atlanta.
IS: Fashion rebel, designer.
HIS STORY: Born in the States, Reese moved to London seven years ago. At school he kept himself to himself, sitting alone in the library every lunch break, trawling Tumblr and falling in love with clothing labels like BAPE – which he interned for at 15 after hanging around their now-closed London branch for hours on end. “I worked my ass off babysitting to buy that shit,” he says of spending pennies on his favourite streetwear brands. Three years later he’s working on his own debut collection, which will come out this August. “It’s like a weird mix of nice clothes versus streetwear,” explains Reese, before distancing himself from the more traditional world of fashion. “I hate fashion so much – everyone’s so pretentious. I just want to make cool clothes, shit that I would wear.”

Early Early Early!

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WHY HE’S INSPIRING: Reese believes anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A case in point: he’s currently planning to build a speedboat with a mate. “We could be the only people in fashion ever to make a boat,” he says. “‘You made a T-shirt? I just made a fucking boat’. You can do anything – there’s no reason why you can’t.”
HIS FUTURE IS: “Right now.”
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Meet Reese and learn more about his work at adidas Originals futurehouse, at BL-NK in east London, on March 21 and 22