The Game-Changers Of Generation Nomad – Introducing SNE

AGE: 22
FROM: Hackney.
HIS STORY: From the ages of 14 to 16, rapper SNE – which stands for Sound Never Ends – was part of east London grime crew SOS. The group fizzled out, but SNE’s passion for music kept growing. “While I was doing grime I was always drawn to the choruses and the melodies,” he explains of the style of music he’s since developed, which he calls “trillfull” – a fusion of R’n’B, hip-hop and trap. After leaving school, he signed up to a local music college and launched a solo career. He’s now been putting out his own tunes for the past three years.

WHY HE’S INSPIRING: As well as making music – the mixtape ‘Essence’ is out soon – SNE is a youth worker in the Hackney neighbourhood where he grew up, mentoring teenagers and working with the local gangs unit. “The kids can see me as someone to look up to, so they take what I say on board,” he says. “They look at me and think, ‘He’s doing it properly.’” It’s something that feeds into SNE’s music. “I think of struggle when I do my music,” he states. “You can hear the grind; you can hear the struggle it’s come from.”
HIS FUTURE IS: “Global – and brighter than bright.”
MORE: @SNE____