The Gaslight Anthem – ‘We Love The UK’


So, we split Bristol at about 11 and started heading to Brighton for a quick photo session with our buddy Ashley, and of course, for the show at the Concorde 2. I was immediately drawn to the area, even during a cold, hazy day. With the exception of a rocky beach, it was alarmingly similar to Asbury Park, which always reminds me of the desolated carnival town in Scooby-Doo, as did this.

But really, the pier and attractions looked as if Asbury was built 100 years before. Judging by the nature of the nightlife we saw, the culture is nothing like Asbury, but aesthetically very similar. Apparently the first day out here, Polar Bear Club took photos on a naked beach there. Hot.


They gave us a lot of nice food, and we hung around with the boys until the show kicked off. The lot of people who work at Concorde are all really friendly. We even saw a photo section of local “doggers”. This is a new word for me, they’re typically “lot lizards” in the states. But I suppose there is a large George Michael bathroom population here in Brighton.

PBC had arguably their nicest show, really nailing their new songs, particularly a great one called Living Saints. Frank had a rough day earlier, and it was good to see him let it out on stage. I’ve personally never found a better cure for the blues than playing some tunes. Show was packed up front, and when the Tom Waits started playing, we came out to a really warm crowd. Nothing too weird about the set, we did play the entire Senor and the Queen EP, but, that’s nothing new. All in all, a good, sweaty Gaslight affair. We all enjoyed it greatly.

Afterwards we hit the town a bit. Went to a relatively cheesy bar with a DJ. Funny part was, the DJ had one lone lady dancer who Ian, Alex and PBC quickly formed a dance circle around and cut some serious rug with. She was into it. The bartender gave me shit for trying to get a snakebite, I suppose he either thought I was trashy or it’s taboo to mix cider and lager. Either way, he was not cool.

If you’re reading this, use more buttons on your shirt, your shaved chest is not an accesory, you twat. It got a little sloppy and before we knew it, it was time to head out. Our very dear friend Emma rounded us up, but, not before Alex L. managed to drop a pint on a midgets head. Please refer to us in person for this story.

I only managed to sleep about 3-4 hours. I couldn’t get tired, and Gunnar (our driver/merchman) is a bit of a snorer. I’m also out of my “medicine”, so, that doesn’t help. In the morning, we headed down to Portsmouth for an interview with a magazine from the states and our make-up show from Monday. I was obsessively listening to Leonard Cohen on the way, and the song “So long, Marianne” drives me wild these days.


We had a relatively uneventful day in Portsmouth on Saturday. Went to a local pub to do our interview and had some nice food and brew. One of the better veggie burgers I’ve ever tasted. The show was crowded and we played pretty well I thought. It was a more low-key crowd than we’re accustomed to, but people were still into it, just in another way. It automatically turned into a club night, and we were amused how English club girls look a lot like bowling alley rats in Staten Island, NY. Short skirts, furry vests and teased hair. Who knew they existed all over the world.

We left for London the next day and showed up at the Shepherds Bush venue. It’s a huge, beautiful theater with really ornate detailing all over. We are absolutely flabbergasted that we sold it out for the night. How that happened, we don’t really know. We had a ton of stuff to do and saw a ton of people, so it was a whirlwind before we got on stage. PBC played well to a pretty full crowd, and Frank had his only show on this tour with his full band. Which was excellent. We got on stage and it was so surreal how many people were there for us. I think by the 6th or 7th song we finally started playing together and weren’t really sweating it too much. If you ask me, it was our sloppiest show of tour so far, but, when that happens, I like to bail on tightness and just have a shit-load of fun. Which it was. The crowd was AMAZING! I can’t thank them enough for making us feel so welcomed here and for making the shows so much fun. Fuck, we love the UK.

We drove up to Ian’s and Em’s in on the farm to stay. Had a little party for Hollie’s birthday and crashed. Now, we leave for the ferry and the rest of Europe. I can only hope it’s close to what it was in the UK, great.

See you soon.


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