The Ghost Of A Thousand Tour Blog, Part One – Getting Started

OK, so first little chapter of our Eastpak Antidote tour blog commences! Feels a bit strange starting it a week in but we’ve been kind of getting used to being in our salmon pink and custard leather bus so it’s only now that we’ve got a little time to write this stuff, in between running around like little school girls and cooing at the coffee machine/bunks/chemical toilet/wipeable surfaces etc etc.

We’ve been getting on like a church on fire with our American tour and bus buddies Four Year Strong and tormenting them by quoting ‘The Departed’ at them at every opportunity, although, I’m sure to your dismay, their accents aren’t nearly as thick as we were hoping. Such is life. So far we’ve covered Cambridge, Norwich, Nottingham, Bristol and tonight it’s our homecoming show in Brighton, which feels a bit strange as we’ve only been away five days, so having a night in bed is a mixed blessing, trying not to get too comfy otherwise the rock’n’roll gold dust will wear off and I’ll become civilian Tom again rather than tour Tom. Fingers crossed my superman powers will remain intact despite the Attenborough marathon on TV last night….

And not only have I been drawing away but also setting up Mem’s drum kit, setting up merch, playing all 4 bands’ sets for them and falling asleep in by own private sectioned off area, complete with helpful hints as to what to do if I am sleeping.

Come back to Notes From The Underground soon for more exclusive tour bloggage from TGOAT