The Horn The Hunt & White Ring – Free MP3 Downloads

If you’re looking for bright escapism or summertime vibes, turn away now. Today’s MP3 offerings come from some artists ensconsed in winter and darkness and perfect for the shortest days of the year.

First, The Horn The Hunt, a Leeds twosome inspired by “the darkness of the human mind and our difficult relationship with nature”, a pair that spent three months in Greenland of all places crafting their Knife-meets-PJ Harvey soundscapes.

‘Raptor’ is the first single from their second album ‘Depressur Jolie’, out next spring on White Label Music.

The Horn The Hunt

Download The Horn The Hunt’s ‘Raptor’ here

Next, if you’ve been into Salem this year, you might wanna pick up the Disaro witch house compilation ‘Isvolt’. It features tracks from Party Trash, Fostercare and Raw Moans (don’t worry; they meant nothing to us either but they’re all top notch) and this track, White Ring’s ”TCX999′, a hypnotic gun shot-filled epic of subsonic bass and nursery chanting.

Download White Ring’s ‘TCX999’ here