The Horrors’ Rhys Webb – Christmas Q&A

The Horrors man reveals what he wants for Christmas, his best NYE ever and his best moment of 2011.

What are your festive plans this year?
One of the last shows we’re doing is the Winter Wonderland show and then we finish up on the 16th which gives us…not very long to do any Xmas shopping. I’m spending Xmas at home but on Boxing Day most of us go down to do this soul party in Southend. It’s on the top floor of this old pub – me and Joe DJ Northern soul and rhythm’n’blues and stuff. That’ll be our fourth year doing it now.


What was your highlight of 2011?
Playing the Roundhouse maybe because it’s such a historical venue. Pink Floyd played there with Syd Barrett and one of my favourite bands who I always talk about, July, supported them. When we played they actually came to watch us and I could see the guitarist on the balcony. It’s just been fantastic to play the record around the world though and bring it to life after you’ve spent such a long time working on it.

And any weird stories you’ve got?
We played a strange gig the other day – we all woke up and looked out the window and we were staring at a load of mountains near the Black Forest. We ended up playing at a tiny village’s town hall; the fire station was there, they have wedding parties there… It was just like “What the hell are we doing here?!”

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
I’ve been saying for about the last ten years that I want a sitar for Christmas. I’ve never managed to get one but I think I might just buy one for myself once we get home.

Indian-infused album next then?
I think I might just keep the sitar for my own use…

Any new year’s resolutions?
No, I don’t have any. I enjoy doing the bad things in life so I’m never going to stick to them; I’ll just carry on for now.


And what’s your most memorable New Year’s Eve party?
We always have really great New Year’s Eve parties – I’m doing one at the Buffalo bar this year. Toy are gonna play and Joe and I are gonna play with a new outfit, which we’ve as yet not written the music for. It’ll be me on bass and singing, my brother who plays in S.C.U.M. on guitar and Joe on drums – just a one-off thing. I think we’re gonna call ourselves Bang Bang Bang. We might do a couple of covers but we’re gonna write the songs for the evening.

What’s the weirdest present a fan’s ever given you?
Josh is a fan of bears, not cuddly bears, but he was given a Russian hand-carved bear that plays guitar when we were somewhere near Russia.

And what’s made you happiest in 2011?
Happiest is probably just being out on the road and playing gigs practically every day. We worked on the record on our own and we were so involved so it’s great to literally just be playing it live. ‘Skying’ made me the happiest because we worked hard and this year we got to enjoy it.