The Hundred In The Hands – Undressed In Dresden Free MP3

Remember The Boggs? You know, the New York bouncy folk-rock lot. Had that album ‘We Are The Boggs We Are’. Come on, they were on City Rockers (home to The Sunshine Underground and The Blood Arm). No? Well, they were kind of a footnote in my brain too. Anyway, main Bogg Jason Friedman is back with a new project that’s anything but (ahem) Bogg standard.

The Hundred In The Hands

The Hundred In The Hands is him and one of The Boggs’ touring party, Eleanore Everdell, and the first track they wrote together ‘Dressed In Dresden’ (out May 4) takes them down a very different path to their previous lot. It’s all bowel-buggering bass, Bloc Party guitars and space shuttle synths under Eleanor’s sweet menace, and it bodes well for the future.

This dubby reworking is the flipside to the single, courtesy of DFA man Jacques Renault. For once the press release says it best, it’s “like a recently burnt out campfire, you can smell what was cooked on it”.

They’re playing at The Great Escape and some other UK dates are listed here.

Download The Hundred In The Hand‘s Undressed In Dresden here
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