The Internet Is Being Toe-Curlingly Honest With #DepressABeatlesSong – 10 Of The Best Song Distortions

It started with one tweet. Then another. Soon #DepressABeatlesSong was trending worldwide, all thanks to one individual, whose original tweet – not the best of the lot, if we’re honest – you can see below.

Perhaps it was inspired by The Beatles’ sudden appearance on streaming services on Christmas Eve. Their songs got nearly half a million streams within 12 hours, and three days on, many of the songs have been streamed more than a million times each. Interest in The Beatles never really fades, but perhaps it was this – sudden availability of their music – that caught Twitter’s imagination and turned the hashtag into a worldwide hit. Here are the best of the bunch.

1. Sergeant Pepper took a beating

2. ‘The Long And Winding Road’ went wrong

3. ‘Lucy In The Sky…’ had a bad time

4. ‘Penny Lane’ went a couple of different ways

5. As did ‘Here Comes The Sun’

6. ‘Paperback Writer’ failed to leave home

7. ‘Yellow Submarine’ was sunk

8. ‘Back In The USSR’ got Snowden

9. ‘All You Need Is Love’ took the biscuit

10. Weirdly, though, it was ‘I Am The Walrus’ that got the most sobering attention

What would you add?