The Internet Just Got Really Mad About OJ Simpson’s Not Guilty Verdict From 20 Years Ago

The finale of The People Vs. OJ Simpson: An American Crime Story aired last night (April 18) on BBC Two, a couple of weeks after its broadcast on American television. As the story from actual history goes, OJ’s trial resulted in a not guilty verdict, after weeks of to-ing and fro-ing with evidence, mistreatment by the police and lawyers stumbling over various aspects of the case.

As we all knew, OJ would be found not guilty by the jury, but the ‘news’ apparently still infuriated fans of Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden on Twitter. Ahead of the final episode of the series there were some real Chandlers on the internet, best exemplified by this handy clip from the new series of Kimmy Schmidt:

Here is an example of said Chandlers:

Apparently, though, some people hadn’t got the memo, and throughout the finale began tweeting their incredulity and anger about the verdict of the case – a verdict which was reached more than 20 years ago, on October 3, 1995. Gabby was particularly pissed off by the, er, news:

So was Dani

And Ruth too

Many, many people were pissed off by news that was legally old enough to buy you a drink in the UK

The above seems like genuine anger, but then the Chandlerisms start to creep in.

Ok internet, if you’re gonna be like that, we’re off.