The Internet Reacts To Biffy Clyro’s New Single ‘Wolves Of Winter’

Last night (March 21), Biffy Clyro unleashed the first single from their forthcoming seventh album ‘Elipsis’ entitled the ‘Wolves Of Winter’. Typically, the new single is everything you’d expect it to be – bold, ear-shatteringly loud and a bit experimental too, as the boys throw some snazzy vocoders into the mix. With lashings of meaty guitar, stuttering rhythms and the occasional screech from lead singer Simon Neil, ‘Wolves Of Winter’ is an intriguing taster for what is set to be a mammoth new record for the Scottish trio.

The single will serve as the opener for the upcoming album which Neil has called the “best record we’ve made”. Speaking to NME, Neil detailed what it was like to record with new producer Rich Costey, “We recorded the last three albums in a very traditional way, but Rich’s thing is to challenge you, and that’s 99% of the reason why we wanted to work with him.” He also added that the new song would probably serve as their set opener for the ‘next two and a half years’ including their gigantic headline slot at Reading and Leeds Festivals in August.

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The response to ‘Wolves Of Winter’ across the internet was overwhelmingly positive from die-hard fans to casual listeners alike.

Alysha is a big fan for sure.

And Antonio had us on tenterhooks waiting for his response. It was positive, of course.

But most were pretty immediate in their response to the track

Ben wasn’t so keen and neither was Chantelle…

But Luke succinctly put into words what we were all thinking.

Us too, Digby. Us too.