The Internet Reacts To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Win

At his sixth time of trying, Leonardo DiCaprio finally picked up the award for Best Actor at The Oscars for his role in The Revenant last night. This year, more so than others, there appeared to be an active campaign for Leo to win the coveted gong – a cinema in Leicester Square, London even changed it’s name from Odeon to ‘LEODEON’ in support.


Upon the announcement of Leo’s win, the internet responded in a typically divided manner. Some were thrilled at the news and a few were ambivalent, but either way, his win certainly got the Internet talking – here’s the pick of the best reactions to Leo’s overdue win.

Most were happy for Leo’s win

The overwhelming response to the result was happiness that Leo’s long wait for his much-deserved Oscar was over.


Some praised his acceptance speech

Upon receiving the award Leo not only thanked his co-stars, production team, etc. but also used his moment in the spotlight to highlight the issue of climate change to a worldwide audience – to a positive response from Twitter in particular.

Leo, who?

Being complex beast it is, some users were purposefully contrary to the win.

RIP meme

At the moment Juliane Moore announced Leo’s name, countless memes at his expense became instantly redundant and the Internet provided an impromptu memorial service for the once-funny gags.

The meme strikes back

If there was one time appropriate moment for a parting Leo meme – it was last night. And you better believe that the Internet made the most of it’s final opportunity.

If Leo can do it, you can do it

A select few have already begun using Leo’s win as motivation for every day life.

And the win even prompted Kanye to tweet one of his sanest thoughts in a long time. Shockingly, Kanye said it, but we were all thinking it.

Congrats, Leo – you finally did it.

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