T.L.O.P? The Internet’s Been Trying To Figure Out Kanye’s Latest Album Title Change

Yeezy season recommences in T-minus two days, people. Yes, it’s not long now until ‘Waves’ will be with us, no doubt living up to its creator’s bold assertion that it’ll be “the album of the life”, or at least, one of them.

But hold on – could ‘Waves’ be over before it’s already begun? Well, judging by Kanye West‘s Twitter activity last night, we could very well be looking at album title number four.



And so as we consign ‘Waves’ to the reject pile where both ‘So Help Me God’ and ‘Swish’ lie in in disgrace, we turn our attention to the mysterious ‘T.L.O.P’ – what could it mean? It’s certainly caused mass head-scratching online since Kanye posted the above last night, and the internet’s infinite thirst for knowledge has not been eased by the fact that, with this new album title, comes this very Yeezy-appropriate treasure hunt:


Spring is coming and we all need new Yeezys on our feet, so it’s imperative that we treat this competition with the utmost of importance. And that’s exactly what thousands of people have done on Twitter.



Special mention goes to Twitter user @No_Chillz, who really wants those Yeezys.

The internet isn’t the only place to be driving itself insane in an effort to figure out this latest myster-Ye, as us Kanye devotees in the NME office have also been trying our darnedest to crack the code.

Mark Beaumont: ‘This Leopard’s On Prozac’ (“Obviously“)
Alex Flood: ‘To Live On Pancakes’ (“The dream“)
David Renshaw: ‘The Life of Psy’ (“A concept album based on ‘Gangnam Style’“)
Charlotte Gunn: ‘The Last One Punching’ (“Kanye’s going to wipe out the entire rap world with the brilliance of his new album“)
Thomas Smith: ‘Turtles Lick Oily Plastic’ / ‘The Laptop’s Outta Power’
Larry Bartleet: ‘Two Limp Old PuttersDie’

Kanye, if you’re reading this: you can FedEx our Yeezys to NME Towers any time you like. Mine’s a size 10. Cheers!