The Killers Reveal 5 Favourite UK Gigs – Were You There?

The Killers are at the top of their game right now. Enjoying the view from the very peak of their career, they’ve been reminiscing about their lowly origins playing Camden dives and peering into their glittering future. We asked them to reveal their 5 most memorable UK gigs. Were you there?

Glastonbury, 2004

Mark: This was when we’d been on tour for about seven or eight months, before the first record came out. We’d started off supporting British Sea Power, then moved onto our own headline shows, but we were still in tiny venues. We were playing everywhere in the UK, like Lincoln, or York – little tiny towns that we’ve never gone back to. Then came Glastonbury, which was this mythical festival we’d only heard about in NME. It was our first UK festival, so it was our first introduction to the rain, the wellies and all that. We were playing at four in the afternoon or something, and when we got onstage, it looked like there were 20,000 people out there. We’d never seen an audience like that before. Just a couple of months before, we’d played to three people in Wisconsin! We only played six songs, but everybody knew all of them, and at that moment, that’s when I thought this album could be something special. It was a turning point for us.


London Astoria, 2004
Dave: The first time we played the Astoria on the Hot Fuss tour, it really felt like we’d moved up a level from where we had previously been. We did two nights in a row there, but I’ll never forget walking out to that crowd on the first night – they were screaming for us. I’ve seen a show there since, and it didn’t seem as big as when we were onstage. That night, it really felt like we were playing to 70,000 people or something. So looking back, it was a small crowd, but an awesome one.


T in the Park, 2007
Brandon: We’ve had so many amazing shows in the UK that it’s kind of hard to single out individual ones. But that T in the Park show was hands-down the best gig of the entire ‘Sam’s Town’ tour. The crowd definitely had something to do with it, but It just felt like… you know how some nights, it just all happens for you? Well, everything went right for us that night, and we felt like we could’ve stood up to any band in the world. That night really stands out for me.

Glastonbury, 2007

Ronnie: When we headlined Glastonbury, that was a nice memory for me, because all our families were watching us. My mom and dad were there, Dave’s parents were there, Terry and Jeanie, Brandon’s mom and dad were there, too. Being able to share that pinnacle with your family, that was a pretty cool thing to happen. I don’t remember the gig itself being that great, but I’m just glad we got to share something like that with our families. There are plenty of other gigs that had a lot of merit to them, shows where we were kicking ass, but you’re always gonna have those gigs – it’s the ones where your mom and dad get to see you play to 80,000 people that stand out as being special.


Kentish Town Forum, 2012
Brandon: We had a really great show right at the beginning of this record at that venue. We did three nights in London, at the Forum, the Roundhouse and Koko, but it’s that first night at the Forum that sticks out as being the best. We’ve played there a lot in the past and I played there on my solo album, but on this tour, it was like every song just went off. It was an awesome night.