The Kills Vs The Horrors – A Frighteningly Sexy L.A. Show

The Kills have always exuded an almost uncomfortable tingly chemistry when performing together. Witnessing Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince onstage – invading each other’s personal space by standing much closer together than is necessary, considering that there’s only two of them, and most stages they play could easily accommodate a five-piece band – while they smolderingly stare at each other through their curtains of inky black fringe and practically lick their lips, has always been a seedy, downright voyeuristic thrill for me.

A Kills concert, in fact, has for me always felt like peeping through a dirty motel window and watching some Wild At Heart-style outlaw couple quarrel and have makeup sex, then quarrel again and have more makeup sex, over and over and over. Hawt damn.

It is all this sexual tension between the Kills that has forever made me assume there’s NO way Alison and Jamie are just “good mates,” or gig buddies. I’ve always believed these two have shagged, or at least wanted to shag. And that Kate Moss, Jamie’s girlfriend, ought to be very, very worried.

But this week, when the Kills and support act the Horrors performed at L.A.’s Henry Fonda Theater and Pomona’s nearby Glass House, I started to think that maybe Alison, possibly THE sexiest rock chick on the planet, just has an unavoidable and instantly visceral connection with any leather-jacketed musician with whom she stalks the stage.

Performing a sweaty 10-minute encore/outro of “Baby Please Don’t Go” both nights with the Horrors, Alison and Horrors frontman Faris Rotter circled each like sharks out for blood, at one point she straddled another Horror’s head, and by the end of it all I felt like having a cigarette.

And I don’t even smoke.