The King Blues Have Beheaded David Cameron For Their New Album Cover

Over three-and-a-half years since their messy split, recently-resurrected rebel rousers The King Blues have this morning posted the first sign of new material in the form of a new piece of artwork – and, well, it’s just a little bit incendiary.

Entitled ‘Off With Their Heads’, the black-dominated background is punctured by a pair of ghostly-white hands – emblazoned with “UKHC” (UK Hardcore) and “PUNK” on the knuckles – grasping the top of what very much appears to be the head of David Cameron. Check the artwork out for yourself below.

Get ready

Posted by The King Blues onĀ Friday, 29 January 2016

Whether the title is a nod to Alice In Wonderland or, far more likely, a continuation of The King Blues’ strong political identity (sample quote from 2012: “There’s no fucking future for anyone but the privileged anymore, education needs to be for everyone, we need jobs, houses, and all they want us to do is pay our taxes, shut the fuck up and gratefully eat X-Factor“), the punk rock three-piece are clearly gearing up to release some new songs prior to next month’s comeback shows. They’ll play a handful of headline shows in early February, before linking up with Enter Shikari as support for the latter’s arena tour in the same month.

Big Dave and his Tory peers probably shouldn’t expect a place on the guestlist, though.