Twitter’s Musical Kings And Queens And Their Best Ever Tweets

Happy birthday, Twitter! The social networking site is now 10, and it has undoubtedly changed our lives, for better of worse, mainly by giving us an essential insight into whatever Kanye happens to be thinking at any given time. To celebrate, here are the Kings and Queens of Twitter, the 10 best musical tweets on the internet right now.


Have you seen the state of Cher’s Twitter? It’s genuinely mind-boggling. Asked by one fan how she spent Madonna’s birthday, she replied: “I got a colonic.” She’s also pretty righteous, blasting Donald Trump for being “bigoted” and taking on Sea World for alleged unethical practices. Also, this:


The grime artist, AKA Skepta’s brother, has pretty much officially been enshrined as one of the funniest people on Twitter and, as an added bonus, has been using the site to swap Pokemon cards with fans. What did Cher say about being silly?

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Yoko Ono

The winner of this year’s NME Inspiration Award has proved her worthiness of that title time and again On Twitter. She does a lot of bizarre, quasi-motivational stuff (“Polish an orange”), alongside stuff that will melt your heart, such as this tear-jerker:

Kanye West

Well, obviously. Like, Kanye is probably the best person on Twitter full stop. It is impossible to overstate how he is one of the greatest tweeters of all-time, demanding that Mark Zuckerberg gives him $1bn and declaring Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ the best song of 2015. Oh yeah, and this zinger, in response to ex-girlfriend’s Amber Rose’s claims about his sexual proclivities:

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Jaden Smith

We’ve argued before that Will Smith’s 17-year-old son owns one of the finest philosophical minds of our times (“The Biggest Flex Anyone Will Ever Have Is Dying”) but it’s worth remembering that he is also a short (like, 140-character short) story writer capable of pathos and great beauty.

Katy Perry

It’s the numbers that make Katy Perry such a staggering success on Twitter. With 80.4m followers, she’s been name the most popular person on the social networking site – and she’s not even that good! Like, this is quite sweet, but do a funny, Katy!

Mark Hoppus

If making dad jokes were an art form – which it is, obviously – the Blink-182 would be up there with great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Picasso’s biggest fan, Kanye West.

St. Vincent

Annie Clark, inbetween being one of the best musicians on Instagram and helping to design a guitar that is better-suited to women’s bodies, is also hella funny on Twitter. Is there no end to this woman’s talents?

Olly Alexander

The Years & Years frontman has emerged, thrillingly, as the one of the most outspoken people in pop, starting conversations about mental health and championing gay rights. In addition to this, he shares our love of Cher. Top bloke.


Speaking of which, Her Madgesty is probably one of the only pop stars to challenge Cher’s talent for oversharing and coming out with mad shit. She’s cleaned up her act a bit recently – veering dangerously to professionalism – but her Twitter’s still a great place to sneak behind the scenes of her tour and doing the odd throwback.