The Last Shadow Puppets Tease Return In Brand New Video – Watch

Honestly, it’s not a drill – Alex and Miles are officially back together, and it’s never been so good.

OK, so maybe we’re getting just a little bit ahead of ourselves here – but the first tidbit of new material from The Last Shadow Puppets, Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and solo artist Miles Kane’s project, has just been released to the internet this morning. Presented in the tantalising form of a minute-long in-the-studio clip, it depicts.. oh, you’ve already clicked on it. It’s fine. I’ll just wait right here.

That was exciting wasn’t it? Here’s a few pointers, in case you inhaled its content a little too quickly:

Alex is still wandering about in his leather jacket and Elvis-style quiff

The commitment to the look is evidently a strong one, maintaining its pristine nature even during long studio sessions. And to think that it still comes with the strong-as-steel Sheffield accent (which surfaces at 0:50 with a surly “what needs doing?”) is a fine thing indeed.

The orchestral theme returns

The video is soundtracked throughout by the ominous (and clearly manipulated) sound of strings, which featured prominently on their 2008 debut. Looks like the duo might need to call on the help of the London Metropolitan Orchestra once again when it comes to the live arena…

There’s a Last Shadow Puppets mascot

And it’s an unnamed French Bulldog who stares into your soul at 0:24 (after getting a cuddle from Miles at 0:15).

James Ford is there

LSP and frequent Arctic Monkeys producer Ford pops up at 0.32, confirming the already-known that he will reprise his role behind the decks (and, if it’s like last time, behind the drumkit too).

Miles Kane gets his hair cut

Gotta look trim whilst recording, I suppose.


So what if it’s a little vague? The video’s closing message is the most promising bit of information of all – The Last Shadow Puppets are definitely coming back next year, and we should all be very, very excited.

For a round-up of everything else that we know so far about the new and as-yet-untitled record, you should click right here.