The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly’s Top Five Books

1) ‘Tin Drum’ – Gunter Grass
2) ‘Catch 22’ – Joseph Heller
3) ‘The Road’ – Cormac McCarthy
4) ‘Master And Margarita’- Mikhail Bulgarov
5) ‘Midnight’s Children’ – Salman Rushdie

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These are four books I’ve gone back and reread time and time again and one that I’ll definitely never reread. I don’t even know what to say about the Tin Drum, ‘Catch-22’, ‘Master And Margarita’ or ‘Midnight’s Children’. Four very different books from Germany, the US, Russia and Bombay by way of London respectively and each of them could very easily be the greatest modern novel ever written. ‘The Road’ by McCarthy is not on the level of these others, and it’s not even my favorite McCarthy book (that would be ‘Blood Meridian’) but I included it because it’s the most uniquely bleak piece of art I’ve ever seen in any genre. I don’t think anything has ever captured any feeling and emotion the way that The Road captures bleak hopelessness. Don’t read it at night, man.

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