The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly’s Top Five Movies

1) ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’
2) ‘After Hours’
3) ‘Night On Earth’
4) ‘Ghostbusters’
5) ‘Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control’

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I love funny movies. ‘Ghostbusters’ and’ Revenge Of The Nerds’ are two movies that completely shaped my sense of humour and view of the world while I was growing up. I love the way both of these movies could so easily have been complete garbage based on the goofiness of the premises, but somehow both wound up becoming classics instead. ‘After Hours’ is about as light as Scorsese gets, and it’s a great portrait of ’80s Manhattan and it’s by far the best movie that Bronson Pinchot was ever part of. ‘Night On Earth’ starts out kinda crappy, but builds with each vignette. By the end, they’re in Helsinki and the audience is bawling one second and then suddenly laughing out loud. No shit. It’s that good. Finally, ‘Fast Cheap And Out Of Control’ is probably the greatest feat of filmmaking that I’ve ever seen. Errol Morris is such a deft and subtle filmmaker and this is truly his masterpiece. I don’t even know what to say about this film besides every time I see it, my brain completely blows a gasket.

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