The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly’s Top Five Places He’s Always Wanted To Play

1) Africa
2) Alaska
3) Ireland
4) China
5) South America

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Well, fairly self-explanatory, right? We’ve never been any of these places. Africa is sort of the final frontier for bands. It’s hard to get to, there’s no market for anything, there’s a lot of crime and plague and it’s generally crazy. It’s also the birthplace of humanity and it’s by far number one on the list of places I’d like to go. Alaska is the final frontier of the US, and by all accounts the shows up there go off. It’s just, again, hard to get to. For three guys named Kelly, McCaughan and Hennessy who have traveled all over the world for a decade, it’s shameful that we’ve never made it to Ireland. China and South America round this out for similar reasons, they’re huge and the opportunity to go there would be worth it even if the shows blew.
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