The Libertines In The Studio: The Best Of Their Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Snaps From Recording LP3

Doubters, be gone! Those who feared The Libertines actually pulling it together to record album three was a dream too far, worry no longer. True, LP3 might be a fair way away from gracing the shelves of your local struggling record store just yet, but now there’s concrete proof that the boys in the band are undeniably in the studio, with at least three songs already recorded.

Over the last few weeks, Carl Barat, producer Jake Gosling and engineer Guy Massey have all been happily popping photos of their Thai sessions onto Instagram without a cracky looking mate in sight. Judging by the pics, longtime band photographer Roger Sargent is already back on board, while Barat posted that they had their first three songs in the bag almost a month ago – suggesting they should be pretty far along with the process by now. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the Abbey Road mug: the boys are definitely still holed up away from temptation in Thailand.

Here are the best snaps of their progress so far…

Recording ma lil hog

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Following Graham Coxon’s revving turn at the start of Kaiser Chiefs track ‘Saturday Night’ in the somewhat niche category of ‘celebrity motorbikes on indie records’, Carl Barat’s got on his bike to add a little grit to proceedings by the looks of things.

Ribertines 3 belters in x

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Either he’s making a reference to the band’s rib-tickling humour or he still can’t spell his own band name, but who cares when The Ribertines… sorry, Libertines have got three new corkers ready?

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The new fifth member of the band is introduced to the world. Not sure how good he’ll look in a military jacket, though.

Recording Peter #libertines album

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Here’s Pete, faithful trilby on head, guitar in hand as he should be. Peek a little closer, meanwhile, and you’ll see the NME tribute issue to Amy Winehouse watching down from the wall next to him.

Alter for the gods #libertines

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Building an actual shrine to the Gods to pray your album comes out is alright is a somewhat dramatic method of getting the results, but the likely lads have never been ones to shy away from a little theatricality…

Libs at it….

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Here’s Pete and Carl hard at it in the studio, meanwhile. No mic sharing just yet, but give ’em a chance to get back in the swing of it.

Roger at work #libertines

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Is it an owl? It is a lemur in a hat? It is a human with pupils so dilated he must have snorted half of Columbia? Who knows, but Roger Sargent’s never let the boys down yet.