The Libertines: What Do You Think About A Potential Reunion?

Will the good ship Albion sail to Arcadia again? If the rumours are to be believed, it’s looking likely. The tortoise of The Libertines is stirring after four years of hibernation. Clues on the band’s official Facebook and comments made by both Pete and Carl suggest a reunion could happen this summer in London’s Hyde Park.

Speaking to Israeli news website Ynet, Pete said he’d agreed to a Libs reunion this year in London and with typical frankness said he needed the money. A report in Gigslutz corroborated the rumour with Carl quoted as saying “keep the 5th July free”. But the strongest source is probably the picture of Hyde Park posted on their Facebook page:


Band reunions are always divisive, especially when fans are so invested in the narrative of a messy relationship (Pete ‘n’ Carl’s being one of rock’s best soap operas). Comments on the NME’s Facebook about the rumours range from “I’m crying” to “I can’t believe anyone would care” to “best rock band ever” to “pete needs more money for skag lol.”

So what do you think? Can The Libertines retain their legacy? Does it matter if it’s a bloody shambles? Are they selling out on nostalgia? Does it matter? Did you miss the 2010 reunion and this’ll be a fantastic opportunity to see them? Have your say in the poll below.