The Long Distance Loneliness Of CFCF

Tom Courtenay stars in the new video for CFCF‘s You Hear Colours, but not the current 72-year-old knight of the realm, it’s the lean, brooding 25-year-old from Tony Richardson’s classic 1962 adaptation of The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.

Editor Tommy Boy has boiled the film down to a daydream about wanderlust and freedom that’s a perfect fit for CFCF’s billowing Balearica.

Mike Silver, the brains behind CFCF, told me how the song came about: “I made it while in a strange listening phase halfway between psyche and hip-hop last spring. I was going between Can’s discography, Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Dandelion Gum, and Edan’s Beauty And The Beat. This song was the culmination I guess.

“It ended up having a very epic sound. I’m proud of the way the guitar turned out, even if my playing is somewhat poor. It melds in with the drums and synths in a nice way.”

Download You Hear Colours and read more from CFCF at Pinglewood.

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