The Lowe Down – Model Daisy Lowe On Glastonbury 2016, And Why She’ll Have To Miss Adele

We grabbed regular Glastonbury-goer, model and all-round nice person Daisy Lowe for a quick chat about her weekend

Who’s been amazing?
“I watched Disclosure last night, which was fabulous. And Jess Glynne yesterday sounded beautiful, I love her. The tone of her voice is really special and she’s nice and husky, so a girl after my own heart. Today I got to see Hurts and I’m so proud of them because they had everyone singing their lyrics back and that new album’s great. I’ve been friends with Theo for years and years, so it was really lovely to see that. I’m so excited about Tame Impala and Vangoffey. I wish that I could see New Order and Adele and Vangoffey all at the same time, but the family is probably going to have to take precedence. [Vangoffey is the solo project of Supergrass’s Danny Goffey, who is married to Daisy’s mother, Pearl Lowe]. But I really want to see Adele, but I can’t! I missed Kanye last year to see Danny.”

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What did you get up to last night after the bands?
“Dermot O’Leary was DJing at The Rabbit Hole so we went and had a boogie, my friend Portia and I. We had so much fun. He played ‘Brianstorm’ so we were losing it to ‘Brianstorm’ – my family have a dog called Brian.”

Is The Rabbit Hole your favourite late night area, not Shangri La?

“Yeah. I stayed in Shangri La when I was 19, in a tent. So I feel like I really did my time. It’s quite hectic. I think my brother’s DJing there this weekend. Him and his cousin have a DJ group… crew… duo… gang – I sound so old – called Cousn. They’re doing loads of festivals and Ibiza this summer, they’re smashing it. He’s only 19, so I feel like his really un-cool older sister.”

There’s a womens-only venue at the festival this year, will you be checking it out?

“No way! We need to go! I want to go tomorrow! I’m going to go tomorrow and then do the Healing Fields.”

What’s your pro Glasto tip?
“Keep hydrated. I’ve seen people pass out. It such a grandma thing of me to say. Also, make sure you go with some really good mates and make sure you have one buddy that you don’t leave.”

Are you feeling sad about Brexit?

“I’m really sad. I love being European, and obviously we’re still part of the same continent, but I think it’s a real shame. However, given the situation that we’re now in, I feel like it’s really important for us to try and find the positives and how we can make us a really beautiful, harmonious, peaceful country, where I hope that our government now in place will take care of us.”

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