The Matt Healy Guide To Being A Frontman

In association with Apple Music Festival

How do you become one of the best, most compelling frontmen in the world? Some people are just born with it, others can meticulously study a master at work and make their techniques their own. One of those for whom good frontmanning comes naturally is Matt Healy, the wine-guzzling, ever-charming frontman of The 1975. Dissect his stagecraft below and use it to inspire your own star turn.

Frontman hair flicks
For when headbanging is too much (i.e you’re in The 1975), just give your hair a little flick. Similar effect, less neck damage – although, as Matty well knows, the hair flick can still be dangerous and may well leave you in need of a long massage.


Act like you’re down the pub
AKA smoke onstage and have a glass of red wine permanently attached to your hand. You’re playing (theoretically) in front of thousands of people – surely that, more than a lot of things, should be toasted with a nice glass of alcohol? Join in and just do what you would down the pub with your mates. Easy.

(Un)dress for the occasion
Shirtless or just shirt completely undone? Whatever you choose, match it with some leather trousers and you’re away. Recently Matty’s also been dabbling in all white and somehow making it look loads better than when Johnny Borrell tried. Who knew that was even possible?

Encourage your fans to put down their phones
It’s boring watching a gig through someone else’s phone screen (or, worse, iPad screen) so it’s probably just as boring to look out over your loyal subjects and just see everyone living for the ‘gram. Ask your fans to put the phones away for one song and share in a moment together. Chances are once its over they’ll whip ’em right back out, but at least you had one track.

Pull out all your best moves
You are a frontman ergo you have a responsibility to entertain. Hip swivels, arm movements, handclaps, air guitar, the aforementioned hair flicks – they all count. Basically dance like you do when you’re pretending to be a frontman in your bedroom and you’ll be fine.

Be passionate and excited and in love with the moment
The most important point here. One of the reasons Matty can get away with so much stuff that would others look tiringly pretentious is his passion. Whether he’s addressing big issues like Brexit or just saying good evening to the crowd, you can tell he gives a fuck. He’d probably tell you that in those exact words, too, judging by the copious amount of swearing he often indulges in. Again: PASSION.


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