The Mighty Boosh In L.A. – MySpace Secret Standup

It’s a common belief that British humor doesn’t really translate well in America. And to some extent, that is very true. Shows like Coupling and The Office had to be remade as U.S. versions in order to gain audiences on this side of the pond, and Russell Brand‘s “controversial” and ridiculously misunderstood/underappreciated appearance at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards provided clear evidence of the Anglo-American culture gap when it comes to comedy.

But that’s all changing thanks to the Mighty Boosh, whose show is now part of America’s “Adult Swim” nighttime programming on the Cartoon Network, and who finally invaded the States for the first time this week. Last night the cast performed a full set at the Roxy on L.A.’s Sunset Strip as a MySpace Secret Standup event–and it wasn’t such a “secret,” judging from the loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line of Yank fans that snaked (or should I say “eeled”?) for blocks down Sunset Blvd. (Seriously, the queue was longer than it was for the Cure‘s secret MySpace show last year.)

And judging from the post-ComicCon crowd’s reaction when the Boosh hit the Roxy stage, people in L.A. are definitely getting the joke:

Of course, MB even tailored a little bit of their set for the “hipster” Hollywood crowd, with Noel Fielding‘s rather uncanny Kings Of Leon impression. The whole intro below is worth watching, but wait until the two-minute mark, close your eyes, and it’s almost like Caleb Followill was up there onstage with them:

So welcome to America, Mighty Boosh. Something tells me you lads will be having the last laugh.