The Month In Music – Best Thing You Heard In January?

Taking a look back at the last 31 days in rock and roll

It may be hard to believe but January is finally, finally, about to show itself out. How did you find the last month in music? Share your latest loves, disappointments, jams and joys below. Here’s a few things you may have missed.

Jack White struck it out alone
‘Love Interruption’ made Monday a whole lot better. Was it all you were hoping for from the ex-White Stripe?

MIA returned on top form

Keeping the trench between the lovers and the haters as deep and wide as ever.
Todd Terje re-edited Roxy

You may have missed this, but Roxy Music got the remix treatment from both Terje and Lindstrom. We probably didn’t push these tracks enough but they deserve more love.
‘Love Is The Drug’ (Todd Terje Disco Dub)

‘Avalon’ (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Version)

NME relocated to This Is My Jam

Our bodies may be in the office but our hearts and minds – or at least our ears – have spent the last two weeks in This Is My Jam land, posting our latest loves and following anyone with decent taste. Find out more about the music sharing site on Laura’s blog.

The Chemical Brothers tore up our local Odeon.

Probably the most impressive thing we saw in the cinema in Jan, aside from Fassbender’s wang.

Lana Del Rey released her debut

Check our First Listen now. What did you make of it?

The Rise Of Lana Del Rey – Infographic

Hip-hop got a dark new genius

Watch this slice of unnerving yet brilliant stuff and try not to get nightmares.

Arctic Monkeys covered Katy B…

Turner and co took on the might of Katy B, transporting ‘On A Mission’ from its grit-Brit foundations into a badlands-inspired rag-around.

…and Marcus Collins covered ‘Seven Nation Army’

Just to make sure we’re giving with one hand and taking with the other, perhaps the worst thing we heard this month – an X Factor reject’s take on Jack White [full story].
A Gayngs side project came up trumps

This is probably my own personal favourite track of the past month, featuring Ryan Olson and Channy Leanag (the former is from Gayngs while Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce also provides vocals). The video’s great too, as is the rest of the album. Track’s out on Memphis Industries.

Dog Is Dead released a new video

This was one of the highlights of last week.

What were the best tracks you heard this month?

Who’s come out since the new year that blew you away?

Listen to the Best Of January on Spotify, a collection of the best tracks from all the top-rated NME albums of the month.