Concerts And Clubs To Feed Your Inner Nerd, Including ‘Strangest Things’ And ‘Game Of Thrones Live’

Last week, news emerged of the Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience, a night of music from the HBO TV show hitting US arenas next spring. It’s part of a growing trend for spin-off concerts and clubs serving the fanboys and fangirls of various TV shows, games and films. Here are some of the most enticing.

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

What to expect: The multimedia event promises to “take fans on a musical journey through the realm – from King’s Landing to Winterfell, along the northern stretches of the Kingsroad to The Wall and across the Narrow Sea to Braavos, Meereen and beyond.” Which is more than Daenerys Targaryen managed over six seasons.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: When the dragons fly in, hopefully. Please let there be dragons.
Dates: Only US shows so far. Check out the existing dates on the official website and keep your fingers crossed for UK dates.

Rave Of Thrones

What to expect: For Game Of Thrones heads who like things a bit louder, this touring club experience is the pet project of DJ Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor in the show.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: Cosplay. Lots of cosplay. And, occasionally, cast members turn up. He told NME: “Many of the cast have been to the shows over the time I’ve done it… it just depends who is in town really.”
Dates: The next UK shows are at Oldham’s Liquid (October 29) and Edinburgh’s Liquid Room (October 31).

Strangest Things

What to expect: An evening inspired by the cult Netflix show Stranger Things, with a soundtrack of ’80s bangers, a shrine to Barb and miles of fairy lights.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: When they inevitably drop SURVIVE’s theme tune and everyone gets a bit spooked out. SURVIVE are touring the UK in February too.
Dates: The night is set to tour the UK later this month, and there’s a Halloween event in London.

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Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions Tour

What to expect: Pokémon themes and gameplay videos. “All-new orchestral arrangements and carefully timed visuals draw from recent and classic Pokémon video games,” say to the organisers.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: The setlist is themed as a journey which, like in the games, begins in Pallet Town.
Dates: The experience will come to the UK for two shows in December.

Jurassic Park In Concert

What to expect: A live orchestra recreating John Williams’ classic orchestral score alongside a screening of the much-loved dinosaur epic.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: The immortal main tune, set to the first look at the dinosaurs, will likely make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.
Dates: The event takes place at the Royal Albert Hall in November. Get tickets for the concert from the official website.

The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of Goddesses

What to expect: “Fans will relive all of their favourite moments from a fully developed and thoughtfully structured program including memorable, beloved melodies from titles including Ocarina Of Time, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, A Link To The Past, Link’s Awakening and more”, says the official website.
The bit that’ll give you a nerdgasm: When the Main Theme booms in, and you drift back to all those happy hours spent riding Epona around Hyrule. Er, just me?
Dates: The show lands in the UK for a pair of dates this month before heading off to mainland Europe and beyond.