There’s A Netflix And Chill Airbnb Apartment In New York

The guys behind the first Airbnb ‘Netflix And Chill’ room in New York have specified that they won’t be providing condoms to guests of their £288-per-night, digital projector-equipped loft apartment, despite the title of their room being notorious code for casual sex.

“They experience something different than just going to a hotel,” creator Tom Galle has said of the project he created with internet-art company ART404. “It’s bringing a part of the internet to a real life experience. You don’t have to sleep with a girl there or a guy there, we’re just bringing the joke to real life.”

That experience involves a Netflix and Chill bed with Netflix sheets, a minibar filled with booze, an HD projector, and surround sound. They’ve got Netflix and – slightly off-message – AppleTV. You can only rent it on Saturdays, and if you watch something, Galle has recommended two doomed love stories – either ‘Her’, a film about someone who’s in love with an artificial intelligence, or ‘500 Days of Summer’, a two-year heartbreak tale. Most hilariously, though, there’s a postscript proscribing any third parties from entering the room. “We can’t allow you to have additional guest over the apartment,” the Airbnb entry reads, “and that is a serious request.”

go rent it it’s really cute link in bio

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