This Tool Will Make You A Spotify Playlist from Any Festival In The Last 20 Years

Remember Leeds and Reading Festival 2009? Remember getting so off your tits on cider that dancing to that song by Jack Peñate actually seemed like a viable way to spend your leisure time? Ah, halcyon days.

If you thought that time in your life – the last time you were truly happy – had disappeared forever, like a skimmed pebble sunk far into the deep and swallowed up by seaweed and mildew, you could not be more wrong. For – lo! – there’s a new website geared up to all your nostalgic needs.

The Festival Playlister is preloaded with almost every festival in the world from the last 20 years. Once you type in the name of the festival and the year it was held, you’re redirected to a Spotify playlist of the most popular (as in, the most played on the streaming service) songs from said event. As you’ll see below, you can choose to play “mainstream” songs or “obscure stuff”, the latter being made up of less popular tracks.

Festival Playlister by Expedia

The tool calls less popular songs ‘the obscure stuff’ as a counterpoint to ‘the hits’. Do people go to festivals to hear ‘the obscure stuff’? Is ‘obscure stuff’ a fair antonym for ‘the hits’? Who the hell knows.

What we do know is that 2016 is a scary place, but you can wrap yourself in the comfort blanket of the past. Or just don’t bother going to any festivals this year and instead Playlister them afterwards. Either way, it’s a useful tool.