The One Where Chandler Dies – Watch The Most Morbid ‘Friends’ Supercut Ever

Ever wondered what Friends would have been like if one of the main characters had died? Wonder no more: this 16-minute edit of Friends clips explores what might have happened if Chandler had been hit by an ice-cream van – and the spooky supercut has arrived just in time for Halloween.

The video, edited by a guy called Kieran Humphries, is segmented into mini-episodes. First, the characters are simply in mourning. Then, as things progress, their relationships with one another deteriorate because a green – but invisible – poltergeist version of Chandler starts haunting them. The saddest part of this is probably that no one ever laughs at his jokes, a sad reflection of his actual character. Even in death he remains the sarcastic funnyman of a group that by and large doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Eventually, after physical fights between all members of the group, things come to a head: Monica, Phoebe and Rachel perform their purification ritual before they realise that what they really need is ‘closure’ – a goodbye. It’s at this point that they somehow invite him to Thanksgiving for a final meal together that’s weirdly moving.


It’s a very dark ‘episode’ – one that keeps focussing on a seriously creepy balloon Joey almost delivers to Chandler’s hospital bed – but it’s also very funny, packed with weird cutaways and trippy moments that never could have been included in the series watched by 65 million in its prime. Take a look below.


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