The Oscars 2016 In GIFs – From Leonardo DiCaprio Reunited With ‘The Revenant’ Bear To Mark Ruffalo Seducing The Camera

Shocks and safe bets announced, gowns and tuxedos ready to be put away for another year and Chris Rock seemingly on a high after excelling as host. Yep, Oscars 2016 is over, but, as always the internet is here to help us relive some of the best, sweetest and most emotional moments of a night that will go down in history as the night Leonardo DiCaprio finally broke his Oscars duck. Take in some of the highlights of the night in GIF form – Mark Ruffalo winking right down the lens is particularly hypnotic. Prepare yourselves.

Chris Rock delivered a scathing opening monologue focused on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.


Room‘s Brie Larson and child star Jacob Tremblay were one of the highlights of the night, from when Tremblay got adorably excited about Star Wars‘ C3PO, R2D2 and BB-8 being on stage…

To this high five they shared just before Brie Larson was named Best Actress…

To the pair snapping a quick mid-ceremony selfie.


Best Original Song nominee The Weeknd looked thrilled to be there – and this was before it was announced he hadn’t won.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the bear from The Revenant were reunited… kind of.

Spotlight actor Mark Ruffalo got his wink on whenever the camera was on him.

Sam Smith won the Oscar for Best Original Song and seemed determined to keep his statuette in a vice-like grip.

After what seemed like a lifetime waiting for the Best Actor category to be announced, we finally got to see Leonardo DiCaprio holding an Oscar in his hand for his role in The Revenant.

Kate Winslet reacting to Leo’s win is how we imagine 99 per cent of the internet reacted when his name was called – with sheer relief.