The Oscars Played Hitler’s Favourite Composer To Celebrate A Film About The Holocaust – The Internet Reacts

Eeeesh. This is a bad one. So, The Oscars just awarded Best Foreign Language Film to Son of Saul, a Holocaust drama about a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz. Very commendable. And yet they ballsed it up as director Lazlo Nemes gave his acceptance speech.

“In the darkest hours of mankind,” he said, quietly, “there might be a voice within us that allows us to remain human. That’s the hope of this film.”

Moving stuff, and therefore all the more unfortunate that he was played out by 19th Century composer and noted anti-semite Wagner’s ‘The Ride of Valkyries’, taken from one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite operas, Die Walküre. Twitter was well fucked off.

You get the idea. What’s worse is that this particular piece of classical music is often used by Oscar programmers to usher speech-givers offstage when they’re going on a bit. Again, commendable in the theory (seriously, we don’t need to hear about your gratitude towards the postman for delivering your invitation to the ceremony) but it kind of adds a new dimension of horror to this faux pas.

And if there’s one thing Twitter likes, it’s expressing horror at a faux pas.

Someone even saw it coming:

And, given all the #oscarssowhite controversy about the lack of non-white nominees, it was a bad time for the Oscars to do something so dumb.

Yes – all in all, a bad one. No-one’s saying it was intentional but come on, Oscars. Think smart. Surprised you didn’t play ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ to pat Leo on the back for that movie where he gets savaged by a grizzly.