The ‘Outnumbered’ Kids Don’t Look Like This Anymore

Do you remember Outnumbered? That British sitcom about a very dysfunctional and very normal middle class family just trying to get through a day in the suburbs? Do you remember the three kids with starring roles on the show?

That’s Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez, who played Jake (11), Ben (7) and Karen (5) respectively between 2007 and 2014.


Look at how cute they are! The cheeks! The curls!

But such are the laws of nature that these children could not look adorable forever. They’re young adults now, and they look a bit different.

Here’s the comparison again, in case you missed it:

Really not coping with how the #outnumbered ‘kids’ have totally grown up…

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Tyger Drew-Honey was just 11 years old when the first series of Outnumbered was released.


Now 20, he’s since become a documentary presenter, and plays Dylan in the BBC Three sitcom Cuckoo.

Little Daniel Roche was seven at the series debut, resembling a tiny Jeremy Clarkson.

He is now hench AF and much larger than his on-screen big brother. He’s a full time schoolboy at the independent University College School in Camden.

Which leaves now-15-year-old Ramona Marquez, who played the loveable but bizarre Karen Brockman on the show.

Marquez appears to be a big fan of those Snapchat beauty filters.

She’s so gorgeous screw everyone who says her makeup is bad, her makeup is perfect tag her below ❤ @0fmiceandm0na

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We last saw the Brockmans in 2014’s series five, which focused on the children growing up:

Last year, the series’ creator, Andy Hamilton, told The Sun that the Outnumbered cast (which also includes Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner) could re-unite for a one-off special.