The Pig Brain Video Which Got Leeds Band Into Trouble With Police

It’s like an episode of The Bill by way of Spinal Tap. Leeds band Eagulls had no idea that making the video for ‘Nerve Endings’ would result in police kicking down the door of their flat before cordoning it off. As you do, the five-piece bought a pig’s brain from a local butcher. The bloody orgain is the protagonist of the music video, communicating the raw anxiety of the song, apparently.

So why did the po get involved? It all went a bit wrong when an unknown visitor pitched up. In singer George Mitchell’s words; “some guy had come round to sort the gas out ‘cos we hadn’t paid the bill. He’d gone downstairs, seen there was some fucking brain rotting and called the coppers.”

When they arrived the police squad tried to get in, expecting, one imagines, to uncover an evil cult of brain-munchers. As no one was home they broke down the door and cordoned off the flat. The band had no idea this was going on until they returned later to find the locks had been changed. All in the name of art…