The Sexual Wisdom Of Andrew WK – Part One

Former NME cover star Andrew WK has turned sexpert for a new book. Here, in the first of a new series, he imparts his relationship advice

Tattoos and piercings aren’t always a turn-on
There’s definitely been times where, not that I had been turned-off specifically by them, but sometimes the girl that has had a lot of tattoos and piercings also had other vibes about them (that maybe inspired them to get those tattoos and piercings) that didn’t gel too well with me.

I’m very happy now that my wife only has her ears pierced and no tattoos. Tattoos are cool. It’s just like, if you’re in your house and you have some paintings on your wall; if you’re going to walk by those paintings every day for 50 years, you’d better really like those paintings…

So decorating your body with paintings and pictures is really intense. I admire people that do it. I think it’s great. I have my ears pierced. But if I was looking at naked pictures of a girl for example, I would prefer that she had no piercings or tattoos.

Be prepared to push your boundaries
I once had the very good fortune of being with a girl who worked as a stripper. She was staying at my house and we were having intimate relations and she was very open-minded and very advanced in the way of sex, in terms of concept.

Now, I don’t remember enough really if the sex was very good, but she was the one who wanted to do stuff to me. So that by far was the weirdest, meaning she put her fingers inside me, she wanted to use a vibrator on me, to which I said no – we were going to work our way up to that.

I was really pushing myself into a realm I had never gone. Having her be the dominant force was a weird feeling. It was definitely introducing me to a part of my body that I had never really interacted with before. That was really life-changing, just to have done it.

Be yourself – and stay natural
I have always preferred natural breasts and I’ve never been able to fully grasp the appeal of implants. I understand them in theory. I’ve seen implants that were very, very well done, but still it didn’t look quite as good to me as a natural breast.

The main thing is the psychology involved. I think someone changing the way they look to an idea that they have in mind is very exciting, artistic and very creative, but it means something when it comes to a sexual relationship.

It has implications that I haven’t felt arousing, whereas I’ve felt it very arousing to imagine a girl developing her own – and if she becomes extraordinarily well-developed, just the odds of that happening, the miraculous qualities of that happening, what her mindset would be at having to watch her body develop, having to deal with the body that she has, how men and women react to her body.

Extracted from Sex Tips From Rock Stars: In Their Own Words, by Paul Miles (Omnibus Press)