The Shutes, ‘Silk Screen Shots’ – Free MP3

If you’re a fan of the isolated beauty of the Isle Of Wight (that is, when drunkards aren’t taking over the place for festival season), then you should check out The Shutes. They grew up there, named themselves after a pathway on a cliff near their homes and, as frontman Michael Champion says, the island “very much informs our music”.


“Living here, effectively isolated from the modern world (aside from the internet), and plays a big part in what we do,” says Champion. “We spend most of our evenings sat on cliff tops, listening to music and drinking red wine, looking out over the English channel, contemplating that once upon a time there was the Battle of Britain going on right where we’re looking.”

The band’s single, ‘Noah’s Ark’, available as a digital download now through Cross Key Records (and a limited-edition 7” vinyl will be out on June 20th).

You can catch the band performing at the Bull And Gate in London next Tuesday (June 7th).

Download ‘Silk Screen Shots’ by The Shutes here