‘The Simpsons’ fans are serving up red-hot takes with these “unpopular opinions” about the show

It’s fun to look back at your favourite ever TV shows from a distant standing, reflecting on what you loved and how your opinions have changed as time has gone on. Like when we all realised that Ross from Friends is a bit of a wrong ‘un.

Fans of The Simpsons have spent the day sharing their own “unpopular opinions” about the show on Twitter and you better buckle yourself in for some hot takes. We’ve rounded up some of the best.

Homer has become a jerk


Homer has always been (like the famous Harry Enfield character) “nice but dim”. He doesn’t always make the right decisions, but it didn’t used to be because of malice. But in recent seasons, fans have seen a shift, with the character becoming more of what they’ve dubbed as “Jerkass Homer”.

As one Twitter user put it: “the long, slow change of Homer from ‘dense and very flawed, but well-meaning, husband/dad’ to ‘callous, narcissistic boor’ is the worst thing about the show and is one of the things that makes a lot of modern episodes barely watchable”.



The funniest character is actually Marge

In a recent online poll of the funniest Simpsons characters, Marge came in at a lowly No.26. However, many on Twitter came out in defence of the Simpson Family matriarch, arguing that Marge is underrated and actually the funniest character of the entire show.


Who else could offer up such lines as “you might say that the extra ingredient is salt” with the deliver of a dead-pan comedian?

Marge and Homer should get divorced

Fans also had a lot to vent about Homer and Marge’s relationship, with one serving this hot, hot take: “Homer and Marge don’t belong together. Marge can do better and Homer should have left Marge for Mindy.”

People think that their relationship as a whole doesn’t make that much sense these days, with one Twitter user writing: “Marge and Homer don’t make sense as a married couple in 2019. They are supposed to be in their 30s, but the Simpsons family structure/dynamic is straight out of the Boomer value system.”

Flanders is not a good Christian

Ned Flanders has always been very holier-than-thou. Sometimes he’s a bit too much and everything that people dislike about organised religion. Other times, he’s the voice of reason. One fan on Twitter, though, proposed the idea that Flanders’ embrace of the commercialisation of Christmas is actually at odds with his religious beliefs. “Here we see him taking the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas,” the tweeter argued.

Comic Book Guy actually exists

The Simpsons is full of stereotypes. That’s nothing new and has been a subject of controversy in recent times. One Twitter user, however, sees Comic Book Guy as a harsh, but fair, stereotype.

“The Comic Book Guy was an unfair stereotype of geek culture, until certain extremely-Comic-Book-Guy dudes infiltrated geek culture on YouTube as an angry hateful mob, and ultimately proved The Simpsons right.”

Homer’s car was great and predicted Elon Musk

In the 1991 episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”, Homer is tasked with designing a car for “the average American car owner”. He comes back with a vehicle that costs $82,000 and includes two bubble domes (one in the back for the quarreling kids), three horns and an engine that sounds like “the world’s coming to an end.”

It’s a wild concept, but something that people on Twitter could get behind. One fan even argued that it “predicted Elon Musk and Tesla”.

The Simpsons should have ended years ago

The Simpsons

The show is always going to be criticised for “not being funny as it used to be”. A lot of the criticism might have something to do with nostalgia, but fans on Twitter offered up the theory that it’s not all just rose-tinted glasses.

“Their writers aren’t in touch with this generation of young adults and youth like they used to be, so the episodes feel artificial,” one fan wrote.

Futurama is better

Perhaps the ultimate Simpsons hot take, with one fan arguing: “The first 4 seasons of Futurama achieve the emotional punch that the Simpsons always tried to but fell short of”

Can’t we just like both The Simpsons and Futurama? Do we really have to compare the two? Oh, OK then.