The Smiths On NME.COM

There’s a treat for Smiths fans hitting the shop and the interweb’s digital emporiums today – a brand new Smiths magazine – a massive, multi-page guide to the band, charting their rise (from Morrissey’s infamous letter to this very magazine) to their fall, and their acrimonious split.

A load of NME features on The Smiths have been reprinted and new pieces re-examine their career, while we also take a new look at all their sleeves and their best B-sides along side a whole host of rare photos. Basically, it’s essential stuff for fans and newcomers alike. Grab the new Smiths magazine now.

The Smiths

To mark the occasion, we’ve gone a bit Smiths crazy online.

Check out Morrissey’s 50 Most Memorable Quotes for some pearls of wisdom from the Smiths singer. One of our favourites? “Age shouldn’t affect you. You’re either marvellous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.”

We also rounded up numerous bands and musicians, from Ian Brown and Brandon Flowers to Mani, the Manics, and Noel Gallagher, to tell us their favourite Smiths track, and why. It’s a great guide to some of their best tunes – check out the gallery here.


One of the features in the new Smiths magazine is a list of their ten best B-sides. We’ve revealed ten of them online this week, and are asking for your favourites.

Finally, we’ve just launched a poll looking for the best Smiths song ever. ‘The Queen Is Dead’? ‘This Charming Man’? Let us know.