The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’ Special – Inside This Week’s NME (June 18)

In this week’s NME…

Once upon a time, Morrissey and Johnny Marr were the most creative powerhouse in British music. Their crowning glory, ‘The Queen Is Dead’, is 25 years old this month, and to commemorate that landmark anniversary we’ve talked to everyone involved in the record (OK, one of the interviews was done waaaaay back in ’86) to get the full uncensored story. Apparently Andy Rourke was on smack, Morrissey was writing about farts and Johnny was smoking 15 spliffs a day. Somehow, a masterpiece was born.

Elsewhere in this week’s issue we go behind the scenes at Glastonbury to see how the site is shaping up for the arrival of over 100,000 mentalists in a fortnight’s time. According to the druid we spoke to, it’s not going to rain. We believe him. He’s a druid, for fuck’s sake.

Plus Foster The People tell us how they wrote the summer’s biggest tune, Beyonce gets a shoeing from one of our writers about her dodgy Gadaffi gig, and we give you the full, freezing-our-nads-off verdict on Arctic Monkeys’ epic Don Valley shows.

As well as that we’ve got this week’s gig guide, every album that matters reviewed and all the breaking line up news for the Reading And Leeds Festivals. Plus Nicola from Girls Aloud – yes, you heard us right, Nicola from Girls Aloud – goes down the pub with Joe from Metronomy. Did they win on the bandits? Did they get thrown out for falling asleep in the corner and pissing their pants? There’s only one way to find out.

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